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I've been playing a lot of Smite lately. I play 1v1s a lot because they're fun to me. I play Assault and Arena some too but mostly Joust. This is not me raging or saying a God is broken OP or anything, but Fenrir is the bane of my existence. I don't know why it is. I realize he isn't horribly strong or anything, but I suck against him.

I had a 1v1 against him a few weeks ago. I was playing Neith. He didn't necessarily OWN me, but he beat me. I played a game of Assault as Isis mid and mid game he just started hunting me. If I stepped even slightly away from the tower he would come snatch me up and take me off into the jungle and maul me. Of course, he got pretty fed off our bot lane, but still.

Another game I was playing Bastet jungle against a Fenrir jungle and he just counter jungled me hard all game. My team never paid any attention to him gnawing on me in the jungle. I'm not very good at Bastet though so it was probably my fault.

There was a game I was playing Nu Wa where a Fenrir wrecked me. One was an Assault game and I was mid again. I would get into a fight with the enemy Neith, barely kill her and escape with like 10% HP and he would jump out and murder me. Late game during team fights he would dive our entire team just to get to me. Nu Wa must taste really good because that guy could not get enough.

Freya... I cannot pick Freya without becoming a Fenrir chew toy. Three time's it's happened. An Assault game, an Arena game and a Joust. The Assault game I wasn't doing very well so I guess I was just easy prey. The Arena game I was doing quite well, but he was too and had a lot of kills so he made it his life's purpose to make sure I'm never alive. The Joust game was probably the worst game of my life. I was Freya, 1v1 against a Fenrir and he utterly destroyed me. I went like 0/13, mostly because he drug the game out just to get more kills and laugh at how helpless I was. In post game he said "Sorry for dragging it out so long, you were just so delicious."

Smite's fun though.


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